Virgin Hair

Introducing our grade less human hair collection. Our aim is not to confuse you with grades such as 6A,7A,8A, even 10A! but to bring you the finest quality human hair. This hair has been steamed to create the different curl patterns. Therefore, we do not classify this hair as virgin. FOR THE VIRGIN COLLECTION TRY OUR ZIONA LUXURY VIRGIN REMY HAIR . However Ziona textured collection is silicone free, chemical free, dye free. Ziona premium collection is 100% human hair that has been processed without chemicals to achieve the desired hair pattern, and is available in three textures; straight, wavy and curly. Our premium collection will last more than a year with proper maintenance.  READ HERE TO SEE OUR TIPS ON PROPER HAIR MAINTENANCE. Our premium textured hair withstands heat styling and will maintain its natural luster. Our textured hair collection only comes in its natural colour. The hair will not always be the same colour it is “natural hair” and therefore will vary from natural brown to dark brown. Air drying is highly recommended after washing and conditioning. This hair blends well with most hair type’s.