ZIONA INDIAN REMY HAIR is sourced from south india, and is superior in quality. Our remy indian hair has not been processed in any way including perms, hair dyes or chemicals; it has only been treated to ensure it is clean and ready to be installed. ZIONA INDIAN REMY HAIR has tangle free cuticles running in the same direction which means the hair will not shed, tangle or matte up.

Our hair is guaranteed to last up to two years or more with proper care and is low maintenance. The secret is treating the hair like your own. The hair will benefit from weekly washing and conditioning, and your go to styling methods such as flexi rods/rollers. Our indian remy hair will benefit from wrapping at night and natural oils. ZIONA INDIAN REMY HAIR takes to colour very well and is responsive enough to be heat styled without styling products.

Remy hair is thick but not heavy, it feels light however it is naturally wavy, therefore if you are going for a sharp straight hair look with minimal fuss you may want to opt for our ZIONA VIRGIN STEAMED HAIR straight variety.

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